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The Journey by Mark T. Rasmussen * Available soon!

The Journey by Mark T. Rasmussen
* Available soon!

The Journey
by Mark T. Rasmussen

“The journey of a 1000 miles begin with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

And with that quote, the main character undertakes an epic road trip from Canada, across The United States of America, all the way up to the border of Mexico, all with the aim of finding himself as he faces the single biggest moment of his life.

What he experiences and discovers along the way, will reveal more about him, and his state of mind, than the strange assortment of oddball characters he meets on his odyssey.

Reminiscent of Jack Kerouac and John Updike, ‘The Journey’ is a tale that no matter how far you run, your demons always follow.

* This book will be available to buy soon!

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Bye Bye Dada
by Mark T. Rasmussen

A harrowing account of a man’s love for his young son, and just how far he’ll go to be reunited with the boy he thought dead somewhere on the other side of the world in Colombia.

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The Hotwife
by Mark T. Rasmussen

It all started out innocent enough. Perversions gave way to sexual fantasies, which fell over into love, until insecurity and jealousy entered the fray – and someone wound up shot.

Children’s Books

Little Known Animals Alphabet Book.jpg

Little Known Animals Alphabet Book
Written by Mark T. Rasmussen
Illustrated by Chris Howell

If you’re like most parents, kids or educators, you’re probably tired of the same old animals used for children’s ABC books. I know I was. But be bored no more!

In this adventurous, fun, quizzical alphabet book, kids can now discover bizarre, new animals as they learn the alphabet, all while discovering little facts along the way.

From Axolotl to Zebu – and everything in between – there’s a range of exciting, exotic, enchanting animals that are sure to captivate minds (big & small), all while teaching children some fun, basic, educational facts.

A must for any parent, teacher or child, who’s on the hunt for something different, unique and fun to discover, while being entertained by, and learning as they go.

* This book will be available to buy soon!

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Written by Mark T. Rasmussen

A happy-sad book about a young boy learning to overcome his parent’s separation, to enjoy their love once more in a new, slightly different way.

Excerpt: One day Mama and Dada stopped playing.
And instead, started yelling at each other.

I played outside.
But still they fought.

Then one day they didn’t.
Mama was quiet. Dada was quiet.

Written by Mark T. Rasmussen

A funny, silly, playful take on Mom being a Monster, which kids will find hilarious, and parents fun.

Excerpt: If you don't clean up your room,
She'll chase you with a broom.
The Momster!

While she loves to read you a book,
If you don't eat all your greens, she won't cook.

She's cuddly and caring,
But scary and necessary.
She's the Momster!



Written by: Mark T. Rasmussen

Genre: Action/Adventure
Date: Los Angeles, USA, 2050
Logline: When a disillusioned soldier from a kill squad unit is discharged during a sanctioned population cull, she rebels but must overcome a brutal former captain if she's to save her sick daughter from being killed and uncover the truth to rescue humankind.

Synopis: When the world’s population over-exceeds predictions and hits 10 billion, it threatens to outstrip Earth’s resources and undermine the foundations of western civilisation. Worried, governments the globe over begin to cull their own populations. They undergo ‘legalised population control’ to bring their own countries’ numbers to a more manageable level. At first it’s only minority groups, the homeless, and other less fortunate souls. But when they keep on culling – everyone fears they’ll be next.

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