When you slither in as many jungles as I have, you soon learn which beasts can kill you and which ones can’t.”

Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure
Date: Los Angeles, USA, 2050

Logline: When a disillusioned soldier is discharged during a sanctioned population cull, she rebels but must overcome a brutal former captain if she's to save her sick daughter from being executed and uncover the truth to rescue humankind.


Toby throws his walkie talkie away in disgust, then turns his back on Alex to sit on an upturned coffee cup.

Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure
Date: Los Angeles, USA, Present day

Logline: When an experiment turns a recreant man into a six-inch augmented version of himself, he must overcome this dangerous new world if he’s to save himself and others from being permanently erased.

Bill places a STICKER ’Eat My Dust’ on the project.
He steps back to admire their handy work.
A wonky, rickety SOAP BOX DERBY RACER stares back at them.


Genre: Family/Comedy
Date: Los Angeles, USA, Present day

Logline: When a stubborn old man wakes from a fall to rediscover his teenage musical dream, he must regain reality or risk losing his health, home and granddaughter.


NICK, an impatient, driven man who pushes science beyond its boundaries for a success that eludes him, has for the most part a good heart and ethics even if he’s blinded by his pursuits.

Genre: Thriller
Date: Present day

Logline: When an aspiring scientist is involved in a controversial experiment with an unscrupulous colleague who’ll stop at nothing to achieve his objective, he not only has to question his question faith, but everything he believes in if he’s to liberate a life.


Man: I love you.
Woman: Love doesn’t pay the bills.
Man: It covers everything else.
She walks away, tears in her eyes.

Genre: Drama
Date: Present day

Logline: When a hopeless romantic is dumped by his fiance, evicted, and loses his job all in the same day, he's forced to deconstruct his life. He must reconstruct a better version of himself if he hopes to win it all back, but what he finds instead is something far greater.


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"As a Director and Producer, finding good writers is never easy. Finding one to do a rewrite two weeks before a shoot, near impossible. When I reached out to Mark to rewrite an existing script he not only nailed the rewrite but did so with nearly a week to spare, and in this business when time is money, that is huge. I couldn’t have been more thrilled by the quality of the material he rewrote but also the calm manner he exuded throughout the whole process despite repeated pressure. It certainly made for a great experience and left a lasting impression. I would have no hesitation to work with him again (and I hope to soon), only this time much sooner in the development process. Mark delivered when it counted most. And that’s worth way more than money." ~ Dan Balcaban (Director/Producer)